The Mangina Strikes Again?

ANAHEIMA parolee is accused of sneaking into a couple’s home on Halloween night and touching a woman in bed as she slept next to her husband, authorities said Tuesday. Officials said a violent fight erupted inside the bedroom as the husband tried to subdue the intruder, the Sheriff’s Department said. After the struggle, the couple realized the intruder was the same man who had snuck into a party at their home two weeks earlier. “There was a pretty good fight in there until he subdued the subject,” said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department. “This had to have been a frightening experience.” When deputies arrived, both the husband and wife told deputies that the man had walked into a party at their home along the 9000 block of Pacific Avenue in unincorporated Anaheim two weeks earlier, Amormino said. But no one at the time was sure if he had accompanied one of the guests. The suspect, identified by sheriff’s officials as Christopher David Schwanke, 36, was acting oddly at the party and the husband kicked him out. Schwanke then dropped his pants and exposed himself to the guests, Amormino said. “Look at my man-gina,” Schwanke told the guests before leaving, Amormino said. No one at the party reported the incident to authorities.

You know when you see those commercials and posters that say “If you see something, say something?” Well if some dude crashes your party and drops his pants exposing his dick and balls tucked between his legs, thats probably “something” that should make you “say something.” Because if you let the Man-Gina Bandit walk free then don’t be surprised 2 weeks later when he climbs into your bed and big spoons your wife. By not reporting him its practically an open invitation to come back for more whenever he wants. I bet police were like “So let me get this straight Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This man was in your house 2 weeks ago giving your house guests The Goat and you didn’t feel the need to alert the authorities?


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