Phoenix Jones Done?

NPRGetting arrested for using pepper spray on a group of people has at least temporarily cost self-proclaimed Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones his day job helping autistic children. Benjamin Fodor (Jones’ real name) “has worked with five developmentally disabled autistic children — who ranged in age from four to 18 years old — for the last five years at their homes and state care facilities, going shopping with them, teaching them to balance checkbooks, and going for walks,” Seattle’s newssite reports. But after his Oct. 9 arrest following an incident in which Jones/Fodor says he was trying to break up a fight, Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services “alerted his employer about the case,” says. The agency “asked that he not be around vulnerable children while the case was pending,” the website adds. Jones/Fodor, 23, has yet to be charged with a crime. If the case is dropped or he is not convicted, he could get his job back, Social and Health Services spokeswoman Sherry Hill, told SeattlePI. Jones/Fodor, who’s into mixed martial arts, tells Publicola he may take on some bouts for money. And, the website says, he “plans to start fighting crime in the daytime, in addition to his night patrols around Seattle.”

When I was a kid my dad built us this fucking UNREAL treehouse. It wasn’t even in a tree but it was a freestanding structure with vinyl siding and electricity. It was ridiculous. We called it The Fort. So anyway one day I was climbing all around it and fell out of the fucking window. Plunged like 12 feet to the ground. I didn’t get seriously injured but I knocked the wind out of me so bad I thought I was gonna die on the spot. And I vividly remember my mom screaming at me “You’re not spiderman! No more climbing on the Fort!”

Thats kinda like Benjamin Foder here except instead of pretending to be Spiderman he pretends to be Phoenix Jones and instead of no longer being able to climb on a treehouse he’s no longer allowed to help retarded kids balance their checkbooks. What kind of autistic kid has a checkbook anyway? Who the fuck even balances a checkbook at all these days? I’d say on the list of things Autistic kids have to worry about and overcome, learning to balance a checkbook might be the very last thing on there. Lets start with tying your shoes and getting dressed in the morning and maybe after we’ve mastered that we can venture into the world of debits and credits.

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