Lilo Strikes Back!

LYNWOOD, Calif.Lindsay Lohan was released from a Los Angeles County jail early Monday, less than five hours after she arrived at the suburban women’s lockup to serve a 30-day sentence for violating probation. The “Mean Girls” actress was booked into the Century Regional Detention facility in Lynwood at 8:50 p.m. Sunday, in what was expected to be a short stay because of jail overcrowding. Deputy Tony Moore said Lohan was released early Monday, but didn’t have an exact time. News crews staking out the jail said she left at 1:40 a.m. in a black Cadillac Escalade sport utility vehicle, and that she was in her Venice home by 2 a.m. Lohan had until Nov. 9 to report to the jail. It’s Lohan’s fifth jail sentence since being arrested twice for drunken driving in 2007. In 2007, Lohan spent 84 minutes at the jail before being released, and in the past she has served about 20 percent of her sentence, which is roughly six days.

I fucking love Lindsay Lohan. Not love her like I think she’s hot. Love her like I am obsessed with her whole style. This bitch just keeps on breaking the law and then going to jail for like 45 minutes. She does not give a FUCK. I don’t think anyone has given less of a fuck about the rules of society and law enforcement than Lindsay Lohan. She just consistently breaks her probation and does drugs and gets fucked up right in the open for everyone to see. Just like “Ho hum, yup I got caught, time to go back to jail on my lunch hour.” This bitch checks herself into jail like its a goddam hotel room. I love it.

I don’t even understand how she gets to only go to jail for 5 hours. Its like her 95th violation. And she gets this Hollywood superstar treatment even though she doesn’t do anything in Hollywood anymore. Its amazing. She snakes this whole world more than anyone has ever snaked. She’s probably the most disrespectful person the court system has ever seen. She’s a bonafide addict. Complete and utter trainwreck. And I fucking love it. Shes the baddest bitch out there and legitimately nobody out there can stop her.

You can’t stop Lohan. You can only hope to contain her.


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