KKK Attack?

DMA jilted black husband burned a cross on his driveway to try and scare his wife into getting back with him, police have revealed. LB Williams, 50, started the apparent hate campaign after his partner of seven years Donna said she wanted a divorce. Williams left the Ku Klux Klan style flaming cross outside their home in Panama City, Florida, and alongside intimidating notes for Mrs Williams. But he was arrested when Mrs Williams, who is white, recognised her husband’s handwriting and called police. ‘When I saw that cross burning, I was scared to death,’ Mrs Williams told the News Herald. ‘I was terrified…we all were.’ Mrs Williams said that her granddaughter had been with her when they returned home to find the cross. The child still has frightening visions of the flames and there is a scar burned into the driveway, she added. Two days after finding the cross, Mrs Williams found a note taped to the front door and the side entrance of the house. She said: ‘The note said ”They were watching us”. I assumed me and the kids, and it said that I better not leave that n*****,’ Mrs Williams said. The note was then signed ‘KKK’, a reference to the white extremist lynch mobs that targeted black people in the deep south and set alight crucifixes.

Call this dude Clyde Drexler because this man is certified trailblazer. I’d probably take mine a bit further:

“And you better make sure you rub that nigger’s feet every night before bed. Nothing pisses us Klansmen off more than a proud white woman allowing some tired nigger feet to be stomping ash all around her home. Also, make sure you cook that ugly monkey a delicious and nutritious dinner every night BEFORE he gets home. He loves– we heard that he LOVES cold dinner that isn’t ready when he walks in the door so we demand that you stick it to that no-good spook by having it ready and succulent. BLOWJOBS! The frequency of blowjobs in your home must change immediately or we will kill EVERYONE….”

There’d be five more pages of that. I’d be eating lobster and getting a backrub in a week.

PS – Metta World Peace?


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