Arnold Schwartzennegger killing the Total Recall DVD commentary?

Arnie totally recalls Total Recall… as it’s happening. I love listening to audio commentaries, because a lot of the time they can give you interesting insights from actors and directors about on what goes on behind the scenes. Other times, such as this, someone will completely miss the purpose of an audio commentary. I’ve seen some people asking if this is real and I assure you that it is, chopped from my own DVD copy.

Arnold you’ve done it again. Not sure why there are still cultural differences between your Austrian heritage and American customs after you’ve been living here for like 50 years and were elected to one of the most important political positions in the country, but fuck it at least it’s funny. If I wanted details on the direction or lame stories about how the guns were actually purchased last-minute from some Taiwanese toy company I’d go on the internet and read what the message board dorks have to say. I didn’t come to the Total Recall DVD commentary to hear Arnold bore me with some asinine details about how he was sick that day or how the lunch truck had old bagels, I came to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger quote his own badass lines and explain what’s going on in each scene. “Oh shit, look, that IS the chick with the three breasts!” Good looks on the heads-up, Arnie.

For some reason I still accept Schwarzenegger’s quirky foreignness while completely and openly hating Jackie Chan for the same reason. How the hell do you not speak better English, Chan? You’ve been living here for like 65 years. Time for a tutor, bro.


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