Changing Grades?



Rivals – As reported by the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald, among other sources, Antioch (Ill.) Community High special education teacher Sara Glashagel has been charged with tampering with computer records after a trail in the school district’s computer system traced inexplicable improvements in the grades of 64 students back to her hand. The teacher could face up to a year in jail and $2,500 in fines for tweaking the grades. While the changes improved the academic standing of nearly the entire football team, there is no indication that Glashagel’s husband, Antioch Community football coach Brian Glashagel, had anything to do with the incident. In fact, it’s difficult to see why he would have been involved because the changes apparently didn’t make any of the effected players eligible to play, other than those who were already eligible. “I was absolutely blindsided by this,” Brian Glashagel told the Daily Herald of his wife’s involvement in the grade tampering scandal. “I had no idea who was involved up until three days ago.

Hey I ain’t mad this big ole tittied chick for trying to be one of those ride or die bitches that does anything for the football team. I mean her heart was in the right place. Just trying to make sure everybody was eligible. The only problem of course is that all the players were already eligible. Hey minor detail right? I swear dealing with broads is kind of like dealing with little kids. They screw up a lot, but they generally mean well. You just got to explain to her that next time she hacks into the computer system to change grades just make sure the kids are flunking first. Otherwise what’s the point? But how can you stay mad at a pair of titties like that for too long? You can’t. It’s impossible.


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