Kenyan Loses His Feet?

(Newser) – A top college runner at the University of Alaska in Anchorage has lost both his feet to amputation after severe frostbite. Marko Cheseto, 28, disappeared in a snowstorm earlier this month wearing only jeans, running shoes and a light jacket. He was found outside a hotel two days later with hypothermia and extreme frostbite. University police said the Kenyan disappeared because of a “personal crisis,” the Anchorage Daily News reports. Cheseto, a two-time NCAA All-American runner, had reportedly been depressed over the suicide of a friend and teammate who came from the same village. In a statement, he thanked those who searched for him and promised to do his best to give back to the community. The university’s athletic director says Cheseto, a nursing major, plans to continue his studies and may even run again someday. “There’s some miraculous things in this day and age,” he says. “We’ll just have to see what the future holds.”

Bro I feel bad that your friend and village-mate killed himself but what in the fuck are you doing in Alaska to begin with? How does a Kenyan go to the University of Alaska to run? Thats legitimately the last place anyone from Africa should go. Alaska ain’t the Serengeti dude. You walk outside in some Levis, Asics and a windbreaker and you ain’t coming back with feet.

You can pretty much cuncel this Kenyan too. I mean what is this dude supposed to do now? A Kenyan without feet is like an Asian without their calculator. An Arab without a taxi cab. A Mexican without a lawnmower. You take that away and you take away their livelihood. Marko probably would have rather lost his dick and balls to frostbite than his moneymakers. Just a true tragedy in every sense of the word.


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