Deangelo Hall asks to get cut?

After Sundays game vs. the Cowboys Deangelo Hall was quoted as saying:

“I can’t point a finger at anybody but myself,” he said. “The way I’m playing right now, they need to go cut me, because I’m definitely not worth what I’m getting. You can’t slip. I’m the reason we lost the game. Second time in a row against Dallas. I’m definitely a little P.O.’d at myself.”

Deangelo, I know what you’re trying to do bro, and it ain’t working.  Only chicks do shit like this.  “If I was you, I would just break up with me, I don’t deserve you.”  Shut the fuck up with that shit.  The Redskins should cut your ass, and not because you got toasted for 2 touchdowns and Sunday.  They should cut you because you’re a fucking pussy.  Man the fuck up.  Get the sand out of your vagina and play football.  Shit, man.  I swear that I should be in the NFL sometimes.


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