Ghetto White Chicks?


Start with an innocent blond girl.  Everybody has a girl like this that they grew up with.  Cute white girl, good family, lives in a nice house.  And then something happens.   She starts fucking a couple of black guys and all of a sudden sweet little Jenny becomes:

Jenniqua.  I’m sorry, but white girls with braids are just ridiculous.   Like you can’t really expect to be taken seriously walking around like this. 
Umm….. you can’t go to school dressed like that.  You look like a slutty Rainbow Bright.  Not a bad ass though.  As ridiculous as it is, I think that I would still fuck her.

It’s Crypt picture day.  I hate neck tattoos.  Neck tattoos are like the epitome of white trash.  The second you get a neck tattoo you’re basically giving up on ever having a real career.  The only jobs that you can have with a neck tattoo are stripper, NBA player or prostitute. 

Look Rican for the camera sweety.

 Wait, does she have a gold tooth?  You got to be shittin’ me.


Actual Caption,”real nigga shyt”

Remember the girl from the beginning? Me neither.


2 Responses to “Ghetto White Chicks?”

  1. Chicano Says:

    She’s actually mexican.not white

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