9/11 Dance?

ESPN – A few Jets players took offense to the dance, including the airplane flying and then crashing to the ground. That was the move that earned the penalty, but Sione Pouha, a team captain, inferred something more. “Us being from New York … that airplane thing, in my opinion, was kind of a dagger a little bit, concerning the circumstances we just remembered — Sept. 11,” Pouha said. “We all stand for pride in this region and that’s a sacred moment. For a lot of people, it’s a sobering moment.”

Listen everybody knows that pro athletes tend to stay stupid things. But having said that even I was astounded by this statement. Sione Pouha somehow trying to equate Stevie Johnson’s Plaxico Burress TD dance with 9/11. How do you even respond to that? Like bro are you even on earth right now? And this guy is the fucking captain of the team?  This is your leader?  I mean I always knew the Jets were delusional but this is fucking wild. Turning Stevie Johnson making fun of Plaxico Burress shooting himself into him making fun of 9/11.  Only the Jets man. Only the Jets.


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