Worlds Fattest Man Wants Surgery?

Digital JournalThe world’s former fattest man is in the headlines again. This time he is complaining that the NHS has refused to perform an operation to remove the unsightly vast swathes of loose skin he was left with following a gastric bypass operation. The Englishman who was labelled the fattest man in the world until he received a £30,000 gastric bypass operation on the National Health Service, is in the news again. Paul Mason, 50, weighed 70 stone (980 lbs) at one point, spending £75 a day on food to feed his gluttonous habit of takeaways and chocolate which fed his 20,000 calorie a day habit. Following surgery which reduced his weight to 37 stone by the beginning of 2011, Mason was reportedly set to sue the NHS, not for any complications with the operation but because he blamed the NHS for not helping him control his weight. According to the Daily Mail, Mason said “I want to set a precedent so no one else has to get to the same size.” Instead of taking personal responsibility for his weight gain Mason believed the NHS was at fault for sending him to a dietitian rather than an eating disorder specialist. In fact, it transpires that Mason’s weight problems have cost the NHS up to £1 million. The latest decision to refuse his immediate request for an operation to surgically remove his vast folds of excess skin have angered him, although the decision was reached by a panel of clinicians that determined

Hey bro how about you hit the gym and work on those tris! Looks like you could afford to tighten those up a bit.

Honestly I think I’d rather just be 900 pounds than be 420 with pizza dough flab hanging off my body. Right? Like you’re sitll 420 pounds. Not exactly a showstopper turning heads when you walk in the bar. Your “before and after” ain’t exactly flattering. If we’re talking about going from like 500 to 200 pounds I can understand. Then I’d find a way to handle the flab. But if I’m gonna be 400 pounds with gooey skin dripping off my skeleton I might as well just be a full metric ton and regain the title of World’s Fattest Man.

Go big or go home. Either be skinny or be fat. Nobody likes skinny-fat.


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