6 Year Old Sex Offender?


Uhhh sooo when do I get to finger you?

WisconsinParents of a five-year-old girl in Grant County, Wisconsin are pressing charges for first-degree sexual assault against a then six-year-old (now seven-year-old) boy. The accusation? Playing doctor with their daughter. Although too young to be prosecuted, the boy could be listed on the permanent sex offender registry when he turns 18. The boy’s parents are suing Grant County District Attorney, Lisa Riniker, a social worker and a former Sheriff’s Office investigator. The plaintiffs, who are listed on the complaint as Jennifer and Kurtis B., tried to get Riniker to drop the charges. She replied, ”The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to. The legislature did no such thing.” They are asking $12 million in damages. The petition for protection or services states that the girl’s mother found her daughter “with her skirt and underpants around her ankles,” and the boy allegedly penetrating her. The girl said they were playing “butt doctor” and said the boy only touched the outside of her body. The girl is listed in the complaint as the “daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County.” Her brother was allegedly involved in the ‘doctor’ game as well. He is not being charged. The social worker, Jan Moravits, is the girl’s aunt.

I was all set to rip this family for being so touchy and suing this boy for just playing a game and acting curious.

And then I got to the part about playing butt doctor. Hey little man I don’t know where you learned to play doctor, but where I came from “playing doctor” meant I played with my mom’s stethoscope and pretended to give a syringe shot in the arm. I didn’t fingerblast chicks with their underwear around their ankles, bro. I mean I know he’s only 6 years old but it already sounds like he’s a little bit retarded and if you’re exploring chicks asses before you’re in elementary school you can rest assured this kid is gonna be a sex offender.

Share a first kiss with the girl next door playing make believe? No problem. Show me yours I’ll show you mine? Fine. Classic behavior from kids. A little edgy, and kids who do that usually turn into sluts and womanizers, but thats all good. Tell a chick your an ass doctor and penetrate her? I don’t care if you’re 6 or 66 there’s something wrong with you.

PS – The little girl is undoubtedly on a path to become a porn star. Can’t you just see her like 20 years from now on Howard Stern? “When was your first sexual experience?” “Playing butt doctor when I was 5″ with Robin Quivers laughing in the background and Howard breathing heavy into the mic.

One Response to “6 Year Old Sex Offender?”

  1. Casper Hansen Says:

    The boy had suffered from rectal problems, meaning he associates doctors with checking the butt. How about checking facts before you make a fool of yourself?

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