Could Lebron James Play Football?

Yesterday on Monday night football, Saint TE Jimmy Graham torched the giants defense for 5 rec, 84 yards and 2 touchdowns. What caught my attention when I heard the announcer say that Graham never played high school football and only played 1 year of college football. The 6’6 260 lb. Graham was a basketabll player at the University of Miami.

Lebron James stand 6’8 250 lbs. James is arguably the best athlete in the world. Lebron was an all-state reciever his sophmore year of high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s before giving it up to concentrate on basketball full time. I think Lebron would be impossible to cover. He’s built like Terrell Owens, he runs like a point guard, and could jump out of the stadium. Randy Moss made a living scoring red zone touchdowns by simply outjumping 5’11 defensive backs. Now imagine throwing to this 6’8 freak of nature. Lebron is taller than Randy Moss and could definitely jump higher. Calvin Johnson makes people like foolish on a weekly basis. Lebron is bigger, faster and probably stronger.

 Two of the best TE’s in football were both college basketball players, Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez. Now I’m not saying every NBA reject could dominate in the NFL. What I’m saying is that people who are freak athletes could definitely dominate in multiple sports. Could Lebron play in the NFL? Hell yeah. Would he? Probably not.   But what if …?


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