The Kool-Aid Man?

LOUISVILLE, Ky.Louisville Metro Police arrested a man Monday morning after they said he attacked his mother over a glass of Kool-Aid. According to arrest records, 35-year-old Lequan Washington became angry when his mother told him to go get his own glass of Kool-Aid that she had already prepared. Police said Washington punched and stomped on his mother then left the home, then came back later and kicked a glass screen window out.According to police, Washington said his mother was upset that he asked for a glass of Kool-Aid and fired a shot from a gun at him, but missed.Police said they did not find any evidence to support Washington’s claim, but did find damaged property that the victim reported. Washington was charged with fourth-degree assault.

I don’t care who you are. You could be this guy’s wife, sister, mother, whatever. It doesn’t matter if he’s 3 years old or 35 years old.

If you come between a man named Lequan Washington and his Kool Aid, you have to expect an ass beating. Maybe you should taunt him with some fried chicken and watermelon too. I mean pouring an ice cold delicious glass of Kool Aid for yourself right in front of Lequan Washington is like teasing a dog with a bone. Its like chumming the water with sharks. You wanna tempt fate, or in this case a black man with an affinity for Kool Aid, be my guest. Just don’t be surprised when he stomps you out and kicks in the glass window just like his hero, the Kool Aid Man. OH YEAAAA!

PS – 50% chance Lequan’s story about the Kool Aid and the gunshots is true

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