The Fat Kardashian?

Are you fucking serious, Lamar? Like I’m not gonna go at Khloe for being ugly because frankly the girl can’t help it. She was born the ugly sister in a family of hot chicks — her life is obviously hard enough. What I can’t understand is how a full-grown millionaire athlete could subject himself to not only banging this Dminus on the reg but actually staying married to it. Absolutely disgusting.

Lamar, you better be cheating on this broad 24/7. I’m talking handjobs from your cleaning lady when Khloe is in the other room type of obvious cheating. You can’t be that hung-up on getting into in the Kardashian family that you would seriously subject yourself to staying faithful to this land beast. Bitch looks like Patton Oswalt in yoga pants. Like Kelly Osborne after losing a street fight. Have some dignity.

Quick poll: If you were held at gunpoint and had to choose between banging Khloe Kardashian and Kelly Clarkson. Suicide is not an option

3 Responses to “The Fat Kardashian?”

  1. DISCUSTED Says:


  2. themadchuck Says:

    She’s gross, period. Fuck you.

  3. Lilly Says:

    You fuckers are just hateing on her…
    Probably u guys are fucken fat or skinny with cellulitis …
    I think she is pretty in many different way … I even think she is prettier then courtney…
    People like you guys are the cause of many depressions …
    Go look in a mirror before you waste your time doing this!

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