Do you know what the second worst type of gay is?  Fucking “twinks.”  The worst is the homo thug.   A twink is a homosexual male of the most flamboyant variety.  Like if you’re gay, whatever I don’t care.  It is what it is.  But why the fuck do you have to go around acting like a fucking Diva.  Like don’t drive around town blasting Lady Gaga.  Don’t hit on obvious straight guys, you fucking cupcake.  You wonder why people hate you.  Straight dudes don’t want to hear your comments, they don’t want to hear you call shit “cute”, and they sure as shit don’t want to hear about you getting stuffed in the ass .  Like you have to go out of your way to be this gay.  NOBODY acts like this naturally.  Twinks crave attention.  I have no problem with gays, but I HATE twinks.

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