Model Injured?

MSNBCA Dallas-area model and editor lost her left hand and fractured her skull after she walked into the propeller of a small airplane following a flight to view Christmas lights over the weekend. Lauren Scruggs, 23, of Plano was in serious condition Monday at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas after the incident Saturday night. Scruggs, a fashion model, founded and edits LoLo Magazine. Scruggs landed at Aero Country Airport in the McKinney area, about 30 miles from Dallas, about 9:30 p.m. Saturday after viewing North Texas Christmas lights from a small private airplane, The Dallas Morning News reportedThe pilot wasn’t hurt. A family friend, Janeé Harrell, said Scruggs was struck on the left side of her body. “Following multiple surgeries, Lauren has received facial and shoulder reconstruction, as well as the loss of her hand,” Harrell said in a statement on a website set up by Scruggs’ family and friends. Scruggs is responding to voice commands and is able to move her legs and arms, according to an update posted on the site Monday morning.

The pilot wasn’t hurt.

Single most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen a real journalist write. Like anyone gives a fuck about the pilot or can even think of a way the pilot would be injured. Hey MSNBC can we get an update how the propeller is feeling too? Christ. Saddest story I’ve ever heard.


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