Suspended for Calling Teacher Cute?

(DailyMail) In one North Carolina school, a student got more than just detention for having a schoolboy crush. Nine year old Emanyea Lockett was suspended from school for two days when he told a friend that he thought his teacher was ‘cute’. ‘I was talking to my friend and I said Miss Taylor was cute,’ Emanyea told local WSOC news. ‘That’s all I said,’ Emanyea continued. A substitute teacher at Brookside Elementary School overheard the remark, told the principal, and then the principal suspended the boy for two days. Emanyea’s mother thinks that his punishment is far more severe than the crime. ‘It’s not like he went up to the woman and tried to grab her in a sexual way,’ mother Chiquita Lockett said. One local broadcast pointed out the irony that the fourth grader was being accused of sexual harassment, even though he does not know what the term means.

Um yea of course they had to suspend for calling his teacher “cute.” That’s proof positive that he had all kinds of filthy thoughts running through his head, he’s a boy for chrissakes. I think Louis CK was the one who said, “when a guy says something nice about a woman, he’s just leaving out the second part.” That’s exactly what Emanyea did. Sure all the teacher heard was “Miss Taylor is cute….” but she knew “…I’d love to finger fuck her after recess” was implied. That’s the way it is with boys, the studies prove it. We think about sex every seven seconds so if we complete a sentence without mentioning fucking it just means we’re biting our tongue. Emanyea didn’t even have to think the teacher was cute to sexually harass her. He could have just said “Miss Taylor in a superb math teacher….” and the second part of that sentence would undoubtedly be “… I’d like to show her how many times a 9 year old goes into a substitute teacher.” That local news can cut the shit with the he doesn’t know what sexual harassment means so he can’t do it schpeel. I have no idea what racketeering means, pretty sure I can still do it. Bottom line is any time I had a substitute teacher I could have been accused of sexual harassment. Whenever I walked into class and saw my teacher wasn’t there, that was the closest I ever got to getting a pre-puberty boner.


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