Gay Porn High School Teacher?

How much of an asshole is this smug reporter? Dude’s just trying to buy groceries and this guy is questioning him about his gay porn career.  Great journalism Fox Undercover.  I hope you’re proud of yourself, you just ruined this guys career and life. How do you even know that he’s starring in “Just Gone Gay #8?”   Like why are you going to gay porn shops and purchasing “Fetish World” in the first place?

Ohh, and Hytch Cawke? HAHHAHA, that’s fucking hilarious. I’m sorry this story just makes me laugh. This shit was FUNNY. I could see a honey badger wearing a top hat and monocle attacking a bus full of Chinese exchange students and I wouldn’t laugh as hard as I laughed the first time I saw Kevin Hogan’s face when the Fox New reporter showed him the computer printout of Kevin Hogan taking it up the ass as “Hytch Cawke.”

Anyway if I was a parent the only reason this would bother me is because this bro was doing gay porn. Like if he was banging chicks I’d have no problem with it and be ranting and raving about the Pussification of America. But the fact he was doing dick on dick  somehow changes it for me.  Is it weird that if you told me Fox News was going to ambush a guy on the street and try to ruin his life for no real reason other than exposing the fact he has a dirty little secret that I would have guessed it gay porn?    He just looks like a gay porn star doesn’t he?  Either way this has to be the worst.   Just minding your own business when some smug asshole reporter comes out of nowhere with this shit.


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