Lawyer of the Year?

(DM) – A Chicago attorney fired from her Chief of Staff position for professional misconduct is facing disciplinary action before a state board after a public report details two years of misbehavior and wild accusations. Tamara Tanzillo, 52, is accused of exposing her breasts to co-workers and coming to work intoxicated, both more than once, leading to sanctions from an Illinois disciplinary body for misconduct and criminal acts. In one of the earliest accusations ‘in or about July’ of 2007, Ms Tanzillo is accused of arriving to her Springfield office building, slurring her words, smelling strongly of alcohol and identifying herself, or in the report’s reference the ‘Respondent,’ repeatedly as the ‘Boss Lady’ to the guard for admittance. In February 2008, at approximately 5:30-6:00am, Respondent called the guard of her Springfield office building and stated that she was unclothed in a car outside and further stated that she required something to wrap around her in order to enter the building.

Scale of 1-10 how gay do you have to be to report this chick for showing you her tits?  No way a straight man would ever report this chick. Oh the smoking hot Chief of Staff showed you her tits in the workplace? Cry me a fucking river bro. Any chick can show me her tits whenever she’d like. Could be in bed, on a Girls Gone Wild tape, at my mom’s funeral, or at the Department of Family Health and Services. Tits is tits is tits. I was in a Hooter’s in St. Petersburg one time and some drunk, overweight, geriatric lady flashed me and my friends and you know what I did? I smiled, gave a thumbs up and kept eating my fucking wings. And that lady was a far cry from Tamara Tanzillo. If she wants to get a little liquored up and have me grope her tit job then court is in session. Swear to tell the truth, Boss Lady.

PS – She’s 52!  Wait what?  That can’t be a recent picture right?   Is this story even real?   Now I don’t know what to think.   Eating onions, spotting dimes.  Something is fishy here.  No way that chick is older than 31.


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