Meth Lab, In Wallmart?


DMA woman was arrested after she was caught stealing and mixing the chemicals needed to make meth inside a Walmart because she was ‘too broke to buy it’. Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon, 45, from Tulsa, also known to go by Alisha Halfmoon, was arrested for endeavoring to manufacture meth at the 81st and Lewis store. Surveillance footage shows Halfmoon entering the store at noon. When security officers noticed she was still there six hours later and acting suspiciously, they called police. Responding officer David Shelby told Fox 23 that Halfmoon said she was too broke to buy the chemicals and so had to mix them in store. He said: ‘She didn’t have the money to make the purchases of the chemicals that were needed so she was taking what was needed in the bottle. ‘When I saw her she had just finished mixing sulfuric acid with starter fluid in a bottle.’ Customers were horrified when they heard what happened while they were trying to do their shopping. Jessica Fuentes, who was with her one-year-old son, was in tears when she found out and told Fox: ‘This is a family store. People need to start thinking. If she has family she needs to think about her family. ‘If you are broke go out and get a job. It’s just wrong.’ They immediately removed the 45-year-old and the mixture she had made from the building. No one was evacuated but an officer did receive burns to his hands after the mixture burned through his gloves when he was handling the meth.

This is the most gangster shit I’ve read in a long time. If this bitch was smart she’d go on tour telling her harrowing redneck tales at amateur racing events and Juggalo gatherings nationwide. Cooking up meth in a Wal-Mart is some wild, ballsy shit. Like a methhead with a little more brains would have probably thought to steal the chemicals or steal the MONEY to buy the chemicals. But not Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon. Nope. Ms. Halfmoon said “fuck it,” grabbed herself sulfuric acid and starter fluid, and was about to get to work. That’s what I don’t understand about her friend tearfully saying that she needs to go out and get a job if she’s broke.  Bitch, she has a job.  It’s called meth — and she’s always on the clock.


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