Stephen A. Smith Calls Lebron the N-Word?

:16 mark

Is this really burning up the internet right now? People fired up that Stephen A. Smith said “this nigga” about Lebron? Umm newsflash Stephen A. is black and he put an “a” at the end of it. Everybody knows it’s totally cool if you put the “a” at the end of it. But more importantly I hate it how people are always complaining about Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Like bitching and moaning nonstop how do these assholes have jobs! They’re so desperate for attention! They don’t know shit about shit! Don’t you get it? They’re characters. They’re professional trolls. They know it. They embrace it. It’s their job. They take the contrary opinion of the public and argue the shit out of it to get attention and piss people off. And they’re awesome at it. It’s like getting mad at the actor who plays Hitler in a movie. It’s a role. Get over it.


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