Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Eminem?

@KAJ33 The King of the Court Meets a Hip Hop King backstage @ Bonnaroo Great to meet such a humble & talented guy

So I was just cruising Twitter trying to see what ex-NBAers I should be following, then cut to 10 minutes ago and I’m laughing at the ceiling trying to figure out why Kareem Abdul Jabbar would post this picture. This has to be the worst possible shot of either of them. Looks like two terrible wax statues leaning against one another. Let’s break this one down.

Kareem’s face looks like a female slave from 200 years ago. Like he’s worried Missta Jeb gon’ come fussin that his tubwater ain’t hot enough. How and why Kareem decided THIS was the best face to make at the time I’ll never know. It was Bonnaroo, after all. Maybe the dude was three E’s and a J into his night. The Skyhook shirt is kinda cool I guess, but what’s up with both of them wearing their own promotional shit? You don’t see me wearing Barstool swag wherever I go (seriously, somebody get on that — I don’t own a single piece of Barstool swag).

Eminem’s face took a bad turn somewhere in his 30′s after battling pill additions and ex-wives and collaborations with Pink. The dude straight up looks like Ellen. Like if you shaved Ellen and gave her some tats, a bunch of meds, and taught her the words to “Lose Yourself” the chick could totally pull off his set. Is this where we’re at now?

Oh, wait, don’t let me forget the STAR-GLASSES Kareem is pimping. Them shits are tough.

PS – Jesus this is totally gonna be me in 30 years, isn’t it?


One Response to “Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Eminem?”

  1. psychowatcher Says:

    What happened to Kareem’s eyebrows?
    Can’t Eminem find some chapstick?
    Who the hell told them this was a photo that was good enough to put out there?

    Inquiring minds want to know….

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