Racist Ejection?

Rivals – You probably don’t know Justise Winslow yet. It might be worth getting to learn the name, especially if he continues to produce incredible feats of athleticism like the preposterous slam you see below. After finishing the slam, Winslow stared down his “dunk victim”, promptly earning a technical foul from the nearby referee. Then, to cap things off, as he walked back up the court, Winslow offered up a salute to the St. John’s fans in attendance, an act of perceived braggadocio that earned him an instant second technical and an ejection from the game.

You got to chalk that ejection up to racism pure and simple right? 6’5 black kid dunks on a bunch of 5’10 crackers. Knocks one of the crackers over. Stares at one of the crackers and then salutes the honkeys in the crowd and boom your night is over. The ref can’t let perfectly good white boys get humiliated like that in front of friends and family. Speaking of which what is this kid doing playing in this league? I think it’s time to step up the competition brah. I have no problem with him staring down people after a monster dunk, but do it vs. people who can jump over the Sunday newspaper first.


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