Racial Slurs in Ohio State game?


Ohio State linebacker Tyler Moeller said Florida players hurled racial slurs at him throughout the game and that that sparked some of the chippiness during the 24-17 Florida win.  “They’re classless. That’s the way I’d put it,” Moeller said, according to Marcus Hartman from Buckeye Sports Bulletin. “I’ve never seen more people swing at our players and call us racial slurs. I’ve never been called a ‘cracker’ more in my life than I have today. So I don’t really have much respect for them in terms of that but they’re a good team. They came out and outplayed us today.”

Umm… don’t fell bad for you , bro.  Calling a white person a cracker is not a racial slur.  Because maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t remember cornbread white folk like you ever being an oppressed minority.   Then to bitch about it like a baby?  If I was Tyler Moeller, I would be dropping n-bombs like I was Kramer from Seinfeld on those Florida players.  Not because I’m racist, but to get in their head.  I would be like the grand wizard from the Ku Klux Klan just straight hawking down those shifty black Florida guys in the backfield.  Poor baby, some gold toothed thug from Florida called you a honkey.  Seriously, man the fuck up …. bitch.  Black people can’t be racist, you idiot.

But all that aside, Tyler Moeller you’re white bro. Not only are you white, you also look like one of the most racist motherfuckers alive. People called you a cracker? What the fuck does that even mean, cracker is racist? It’s not like they locked up your ancestors and beat the shit out of them while making them pick cotton for ages and raping their women. They called you a delicious dinner snack. They called you a cracker. That’s like calling someone a doodoo face. Probably one of the most laughable insults in existence.


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