Rudy Huxtable?

UtahA Provo woman arrested on suspicion of shoplifting reportedly told police she was one of Bill Cosby’s co-stars in the 1980s. The 32-year-old woman, Leah Efay Davis, told police that she owned the Provo Towne Centre Mall, was eight months pregnant and played Rudy Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” according to documents filed in 4th District Court. Rudy, the youngest child of Cosby’s Dr. Cliff Huxtable, was actually played by Keisha Knight Pulliam. Police said Davis was seen at the JC Penny store placing several items into a store bag. She then walked out of the store into the mall without paying. Store security stopped her and brought her back, and found $591.26 worth of merchandise in her bag, reports stated. She was charged with an enhanced third-degree felony count of retail theft because of prior shoplifting convictions, and class B misdemeanor criminal trespass. Davis is being held at the Utah County jail in lieu of $5,000 cash-or-bond bail. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 9 with Judge Claudia Laycock.

Listen if you’re 8 months pregnant and shoplifting 600 bucks worth of shit from the mall, you better be a little more reasonable with your Huxtable comparisons, alright toots? Have you seen Rudy Huxtable these days?

Bitch is one of the hottest black chicks out there. I mean sure there’s always rumors that her and Cindy from the Brady Bunch are either dead or in jail or doing porn. But the reality of the matter is Rudy Huxtable ain’t no fat pregnant thief in the Utah mall. You wanna name drop some black Cosby characters to try and get out of being arrested at least make it believable. Tell the police you’re Vanessa or some shit.

Thats believable. Fuck even tell them you’re that Michael Jackson looking chick, Denise:

Just steer clear of pretending to be the one Cosby that turned out to be a knockout. That would be like if I got caught shop lifting and I tried to say I was Zack Morris. Police would be like alright Screech whatever you fucking say, get in the back of the car.

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