Pistol Packing Mama?

Listen I know the story here is that this girl called 911 and shot this guy while she was on the phone and seemingly isn’t even remotely bothered by it. Just peacocking it around the house showing how she held the gun and shit. But I got to be honest. I’m flat out intrigued by her husband who died of cancer on Christmas Day. Is this really him?

You’re telling me this isn’t a young Bob Ross? And how old is this photo? Is this like one of those instagram things? Trying to make it seem like this guy was born in the 70’s or something. Like I don’t want to make fun of his death but that is one weird looking picture.   How can this guy be married to an 18 year old? And speaking of weird shit what is up with Richard Dreyfus’s beard? Strange shit going down in Oklahoma for sure.


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