Baby With Heart Outside Body?

DMA baby born with his organs outside his body is recovering after undergoing surgery to repair the rare condition. Tiny Hayes Davis was delivered with his intestines and other abdominal organs sticking out from the belly button. All that protected the organs was a thin layer of skin. Kelly Davis knew about the problem when she gave birth to her baby because it had shown up on her 12-week ultrasound. And she kept a blog on his progress in the nine months before his operation last Friday in Texas. ‘The surgery went perfectly,’ Davis, 29, from Texas, told ABC News.

Kill it with fireee– oh wait. He had surgery and is fine now? Nevermind, then.

Who knew that inside-out boy could be a real thing? If I were his dad I probably would have elected to keep my son the way he was born. Maybe cop him an Iron Man protector chest jawn or something just to keep the other kids away from his open and very sensitive beating heart.

Guaranteed little Hayes uses this story to get laid when he’s older.  Getting all emotional when spitting game to some gullible high school slut.  ”My heart was just too big for my body.”  Certified panty melter.

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