Thrown Out of School For Dressing Gay?

DM A teenage boy claims he was thrown out from a notoriously rough high school after turning up to class dressed as a girl. Jamie Love, 17, arrived at Govan High School wearing tights, mini-shorts, a high-waisted belt, hair extensions and make-up – shortly before he was ordered to leave. Jamie, a dancer, who asked schoolmates to call him Keirny, claims he was speaking to teachers for months about how he felt trapped in a boy’s body. The sixth-former, who is ‘known by everybody in Govan’ and has predominately female friends, was last night described as a very ‘brave’ boy. Jamie said: ‘It took me years to finally open up to someone about my sexuality and now I feel betrayed by the people I trusted.

With all due respect to gays and transgenders everywhere, this kid is such a gay pussy I can’t stand it. Bitching and whining to anyone who will listen because they made him go home because he showed up at school dressed like a girl. Bro you ever think it has nothing to do with dressing like a girl and everything to do like looking like an asshole? It’s like when I showed up to school once in “sleep pants” and they made me go home. It wasn’t an attack on homeless people, it was because I looked like shit. You got sent home because you’re the least stylish gay dude in the history of gay dudes. What the fuck are you wearing on your head, did you steal that from a Raggedy Ann doll? That make up looks like it was blasted on using a shotgun. Leggings and Uggs? You’re not a college freshman on her way to Baby Bio. And you’re really wearing the gloves that everyone wore in elementary school that got soaking wet after the first snowball you threw? You better learn to dress hot or you’ll never finish high school, never mind touch your first dick.


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