Lying About Dude Rape?

USA TodayA prison inmate who was one of four men to accuse a former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach of sexual abuse when they were children has admitted that he made up his claim. The accuser, Floyd VanHooser, wrote in a letter that he lied to police and in December interviews with the Associated Press and The Post-Standard newspaper of Syracuse. He said he wanted to get back at the coach, Bernie Fine, because Fine did not hire a lawyer to help VanHooser fight a criminal conviction. Fine had helped raise the 56-year-old VanHooser after his parents died. Hooser is serving 16 years to life in state prison for several burglaries of Syracuse-area homes. He was sentenced in October as a persistent felony burglar.

Both of your parents die, this man comes in to your rescue, and in the end you end up accusing him of sexual abuse and dude rape? That’s the weirdest “thank you for saving me from a foster home” I’ve ever seen. You think Bruce Wayne would have ever accused Alfred of rape? Alfred probably could have banged Batman til he was a 25 and still wouldn’t have gotten the whistle blown on him. That’s some foul shit, Floyd VanHooser.

I mean even if you absolutely hate a guy, you can’t just accuse him of banging you when you were 14 years old. Especially if he took you into his home after your parents died — that’s just the most ungrateful shit of all-time. “Fucked you in the ass? We ate s’mores and watched Uncle Buck that night!” Can’t just call someone a rapist because they were dickish and stingy with the lawyer fees. Doesn’t work like that, VanHooser.

PS – To this day I believe the word ‘burglar’ should be reserved for people who steal hamburgers.
PPS – Still looks like a diddler to me.


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