Straight up Pedophile?

FoxThe Streetsboro Police Department announced Monday that a man was arrested for child pornography. David Peters, 66, was indicted on 20 counts of possessing sexually oriented material involving a minor and 20 counts of disseminating sexually oriented material involving a minor. The Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force notified Streetsboro Police of Peters in October. He was arrested at his home on Friday without incident. As of Monday, he was being held at the Portage County Jail awaiting arraignment.

Can’t beat that t-shirt for a child porn mugshot. You’d have to be wearing a Disney World roller coaster action shot of Pedobear and several shirtless boys to even get in this man’s league. I imagine David Peters’ t-shirt is telling the God’s-honest truth.

I sometimes wonder what we expect from these pedder asses, though. Like this dude is probably 100% sincerely attracted to children. Absolutely disgusting, but it’s not something he can help, right? We tell them not to have sex with kids or touch kids or even look at pictures of kids on the internet. What are we expecting these freaks to do? To live their whole lives without seeing the thing they wanna see most? I’d feel pretty shitty if I got caught up in some weird bizzarro universe where I wasn’t allowed to fuck, touch, or look at any chicks over 18. Not saying I wanna give Download Dave here and other windowless van owners the same freedoms as normal, non-molesting people. Just saying…there’s gotta be a CGI or virtual reality option we can throw these guys


One Response to “Straight up Pedophile?”

  1. psychowatcher Says:

    You are much more compassionate than I am. I say just put them out of their misery the way we would a dog with rabies.

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