Propeller Chick?


DM – Model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs has been pictured in public for the first time since the horrific accident which lost her her left hand and left eye after she walked into a spinning plane propeller. She was spotted leaving a hospital in Dallas, where she has been recovering since the accident, with her parents on Tuesday. Brave Lauren, 23, is said to be doing well despite her appalling ordeal, and she looked in good spirits as she faced the camera again.Most recently Lauren’s twin sister Brittany Morgan reported feeling sympathetic pain in her own left eye.’Being twins, and having a bond that most never understand, Britt’s left eye has been twitching for the last 4-5 days every 30 seconds or so,’ their mother wrote late last month. ‘She knows it’s because of the deep connection she and Lo have, and God allowing her to go through this with her at the “twin” level.’

I swear to god if I didn’t know any better I’d say this was a publicity stunt.   Because this chick looks DYNOMITE for just having walked into an airplane propeller and losing an eyeyball and a hand.   Still looks better than 99% of the chicks you see roaming around Faneuil Hall on any given night that’s for sure.  Probably going to get a movie deal and a speaking gig like that surfer chick who got eaten by a shark. Like you think a sex tape is good publicity? Overcoming adversity like this is a billion times better.  Plus I bet her website traffic is through the roof now.   It’s almost too good to be true.   I almost want to rip her eye patch off and be like “GOTCHA!”   I mean how do you walk into a propeller in the first place? And if you do walk into a propeller how do you only lose an eye and a hand? And then how do you come out looking hotter than before? Hmm, Davey Pageviews smells a rat.

PS – Somewhere Tomax and Xamot read that last part about how her twin’s eye has been twitching since the accident and laughed.



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