The NBA Nerd- Part II


So this is what Lebron and Dwayne Wade wore to Dwade’s 30th birthday party the other day. I don’t get it. Do they think this shit looks good? I mean Dwade looks like he’s audtioning for the Boston Pops or something.  Like do you think that coat came with a coupon for a violin when he bought it?  Probably.  And what’s up with the scarf on Lebron?   These guys just can’t leave well enough alone.  They always need to add some ridicolous accessory or gimmick that totally doesn’t fit because their ego refuses to let them dress like normal people.  I mean god forbid Lebron wears a normal looking suit like Udonis Haslim.    Then what?   Then people may just look at him and be like “no biggie it’s just Lebron and his no titles ass wearing a normal suit like everybody else.” Cant have that.   He’s got to keep up the facade that’s he’s somehow special and different from other people and what better way to do that than wearing a scarf inside with a suit and constantly dressing like a douchebag.



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