Aint no Party Like a Cat-Bone Party?

MSNBC- Authorities say the building’s owners reported a burglary after they opened the warehouse Wednesday and heard blaring music. Police found 24-year-old Russell Christopher Hofstad inside with his face painted and the cat’s tail and intestines around his neck. Hofstad told police he killed the cat because he was hungry. He also said he was going to use its skeleton as party decorations. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and animal cruelty. The Arizona Republic reported that Hofstad had been released from jail Jan. 10 and told police he had nowhere to go. He decided to camp in the building because he had attended music events there.


Even though that pictures just screams “I kill tiny animals for food and party favors,” there’s almost a part of me that is a little bit jealous of Russell Christopher Hofstad. Because while he may be catshit crazy, it is without a doubt a special brand of crazy. What the police saw was a homeless guy in an abandoned warehouse covered in face paint and cat blood. But you just know that his reality was so much different. In his mind he was the leader of his own special Apocalypse Now society and had finally slayed the beast that had been threatening his domain and all that live in it. You’re damn right he’s going to wear the intestines of the vanquished around his neck because that’s what all great warriors do. You can bet your ass that party was going to be off the chain. Just cat bones adorning the walls and a guest list full of the greatest imaginary friends his insane little mind could dream. Sure, I might go on and do something with my life (eh), but there’s a part of me that will never be fulfilled because I’ll never reach the level that this guy is on.


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