Top Recruit Expelled?

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SB Nation Yuri Wright, one of the top cornerback recruits in the country, was dismissed from his school Wednesday by Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) after posting many inflammatory and inappropriate comments via his Twitter account, according to a report by the the Record/Herald-News. It is believed that Michigan stopped recruiting Wright recently over the same twitter comments: But a far more interesting, humorous and vulgar reason may be the true cause behind the move. Wright is a very active tweeter. And sometimes, it appears that he forgets (or does not care) that he has 1,600+ followers.  Wright really went at it, posting a number of tweets that would make any prospective school queasy. It should be noted that Wright’s twitter was private. But he accepted the follow requests of more than 1,600 people, including many members of the media.


Michigan knows they’re running a football program not a Future Leaders Of America conference right?  Like we’re not talking about setting up your A-team for Odyssey of the Mind.  We’re talking about putting together a squad of freak athletes who will win you Bowl games and earn you billions of dollars then go on to make millions in the NFL.    I mean not recruiting a kid because he needed pussy tonight?  Huh?  Who doesn’t need pussy tonight?   Brady Hoke probably needs pussy tonight.  Why not just ask nicely for it on Twitter.   Was it the orgasm one?  Umm that’s like basic sex ed.  Bro was just communicating what he learned in Health class.  When a girls squirt thats not an organism.  100% true.   Seems to me like not accepting a top 100 recruit on your team because he’s 18 and wants to have sex and knows the female anatomy is a little short sighted.   Not to mention he fucking nailed relationship advice too.   You know a young woman is interested in you when she tells you she is single but in her Facebook photos she is sucking face with another nigga.   I say that all the time.  I don’t know I think the Wolverines are getting a little bit of a big head here because of a little Sugar Bowl win.  You want to win the BCS you better accept the top corner in the country no matter how often he needs pussy on social media.


PS-  That tweet about splashing the Jewish lady with mad water had me rolling.


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