Horse Fucker?

DMA registered vet has been charged with a crime against nature after he was accused of having sex with a horse when he was a student at Oklahoma State University’s veterinary medicine programme. Thomas Lyle Wilson, 28, appeared before a Tulsa County Court judge on Thursday after he was charged with one count of crimes against nature, He pled not guilty. Dr Wilson now practices at an animal hospital in Pennsylvania. The court heard that on 14 September, 2009, a veterinarian was checking on the horses in the clinic’s barn via a live video feed and ‘observed the defendant having sex with a horse’. When he confronted Wilson, he allegedly said: ‘I’m glad you caught me. I need help.’

Bro, there’s no need to feel ashamed here. A lot of people experiment in college. Some chicks get into lesbian relationships, some guys end up getting with their first Asian, and overall it’s a learning experience for us all. So you got caught on camera sticking your meat thermometer into a few horses, it can’t be that big of a deal, right? I mean it’s not like you contracted Genital Horpies or HHIV or anything.

Besides: you’re a vet. How else are you supposed to really know about your animals unless you spend some very special, very intimate time with each of them? There is no other way. I’m not saying I excuse his crimes or think every veterinarian should be out blowing dogs or raping bunnies — I’m not saying that. I just know that if my pet comes down with something serious and I’m given the choice between some green rookie who’s new to the helm or an experienced doctor who really KNOWS his patients, I’m going horsefucker 10 out of 10 times. Just sayin’.



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