Prison Lawsuit?

NY PostA 400-pound felon — who claims he spent eight months in jail in one set of street clothes because the city wouldn’t find him fashion that fit — is hoping to tip the scales of justice with a $1 million federal lawsuit. Elias A. Diaz, 55, says the Correction Department should pay up for forcing him to do his time in the T-shirt and sweats in which he was arrested. Diaz claims he was humiliated by the improper jailhouse attire and will need “expensive” therapy to come to grips with the fashion faux pas. The 5-foot-10 behemoth claims administrators at the Vernon C. Bain Center in The Bronx made no effort to get him out of his smelly, worn-out duds and into an official green jumpsuit after his sentencing. The officials didn’t see “fit to stock any clothing beyond the size of 6X,” Diaz claims. Meanwhile, Diaz wears at least a 7X. “I wake up still thinking I’m in jail and washing and washing and never feeling like I can wash enough,” Diaz told The Post outside his Bronx home last week. “I never felt clean in there. And I cannot feel clean now no matter what I do.”

Not even kidding you how does Elias Diaz take a piss? There is no chance those tiny arms can reach his dick. And there’s a less than zero percent chance he can wipe his ass with those little nubbin stubs. I bet you he can’t even touch the top of his own head. He can basically only wash like 10% of his body. Thats the reason you don’t feel clean no matter what you do, bro. You’ve been wallowing in your own filth every day because you’re too fat to clean yourself. I’m sure wearing the same sweats for 8 months isn’t exactly a walk in the park but I’d be more concerned with be able to efficiently go to the bathroom. I mean shit, I basically wear the same sweats every day too. It ain’t that bad as long as you can reach all pertinent body parts and effectively shit and piss and shower.


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