Too Slutty For the Club?

DailyMailWith a size six figure and 36DD chest, this petite blonde thought she would have no trouble getting into a nightclub. But 28-year-old Lisa Woodman has been banned from every hotspot in her home town – after being told she is too old to wear skimpy outfits. The furious mother-of-four was barred from three venues in Worcester, West Midlands, because of her low-cut tops, short skirts and knee-length boots. Ms Woodman, who is 5ft 3in, admitted she liked to flaunt her figure but claimed her outfits were conservative compared with those of younger girls. She was left in tears on New Year’s Eve when doormen at Mode nightclub turned her away and told her: ‘You’re too old to wear that get-up.’ She said: ‘One doorman even made me walk up and down and turn around in front of people laughing at what I was wearing. ‘The door staff told me I was banned for life unless I dress differently. It’s outrageous.’

28?? 28 years old? Are we talking Earth years? Or Jupiter years? Because this bitch doesn’t look a day younger than 45.

But fuck it. England has gotta be kidding me with this shit. They drive on the wrong side of the road and they call soccer football and apparently they don’t let trashy sluts looking to fuck into the club. Yea she looks like shes upwards of 50 and yea, she’s churned out 4 kids. But thats what we in the States like to call a Sure Thing. Thats Option F after your first 5 options fail. Let that chick in the club for the guys who dropped like 500 bucks and are about to walk away from that night empty handed. Its like applying to a safety school.


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