Filming Your Buddy Taking a Shit?

MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB) – A Manchester man was arrested Wednesday by South Windsor police and is facing multiple charges after being accused of placing a hidden camera in his home’s bathroom. Paul Zajac, 20, turned himself in to police; Police said Zajac was using a hidden camera to record people using a bathroom inside his home. His computer was reviewed by investigators trained in forensic examinations and 24 images of people using the bathroom were found. Zajac is now facing 24 counts of voyeuristic recording. This is like what’s hot in the streets in the pervert world nowadays. Filming people taking a shit. You got bros setting up shop in like Starbucks bathrooms and their work stalls wiring in tiny little HD microfiber minicams to get some dump videos. I don’t really get it? I mean not to say that I usually get what’s going on with perverts but at least you can kind of see where they’re coming from. Their brain is all fucked so they get off on weird disgusting stuff. But people pooping? How boring is that? Like what are you hoping to catch on that video? You sit there for 10 minutes staring at your iPhone. You lean up a couple centimeters and wipe. You flush. Boom done. Where’s the perv thrill come in there? Just don’t see it. And do these dudes getting secretly filmed taking a shit really care about it? Like I can’t imagine they got all fired up and marched down to the police station and demanded blood or something. They were probably just like uhhhh weird. Not boozing at that kid’s apartment anymore. PS- 24 separate counts? How many fucking friends does this bro have? I don’t think I could name 24 people I would let into my front door if you forced me to let alone 24 people I’d chill with and have using my bathroom and shit. Like if the world was ending and I had a secret bunker and was allowed to invite 24 people to survive I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even have that thing half full. Just way too many friends to keep track of.


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