The Fleshpad?

FleshLiPad – Most apple fanboys out there would LOVE to stick their peenors into their precious ipads. Seriously, they would. Well this is a concept for the fleshlipad holder which would take your overused fleshlight and turn it into a high tech instrument of digital fap fap fappery.



Ohhh shit, Valentine’s Day hearing footsteps!  Watch your back Valentine’s Day.  Not gonna be racking in the dough on flowers and cards and fancy shmancy prix fixe dinners by candlelight from a bunch of poor assholes trying to get laid anymore.  Nope not with the Fleslipad on the market.  Know who doesn’t need a $150 3-course meal and botttle of wine to let you put your dick in them?  Virtual Tori Black on Youjizz on your iPad with a fleshlight attached for you to stick your penis in that’s who!  All you need is a WiFi connection and a little bit of imagination.   I’m telling you ProFlowers and Hallmark are shitting their pants right now.  Valentine’s Day romance is out.   iPad Fleshlight fucking is fucking in.

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