Eating a Dead Mouse?

ArbroathA mother was outraged after learning of a gruesome incident involving her baby and a local childcare center, which has led to a probe by the state health department. The Donald K. Tucker Childcare Center, located in Newark, New Jersey, sparked criticism after 8-month-old baby Alanah Barba was found nibbling on a rodent while being supervised by preschool staff. “I’m very upset because first of all they should’ve been watching her more carefully,” mother Brittany Barba said. The baby was initially found by her grandmother, who assumed that the creature was a toy, but after closer inspection, realized that it was actually a dead mouse. “There’s germs, mice carry disease, disgusted by it all,” the baby’s aunt Nadiyyah Miller said. Miller explained that the entire family is frustrated because the daycare center refused to answer their questions about the incident, even denying them access to view the incident report. Although the daycare center released a statement explaining that the incident was rare, Miller and Barba have criticized the childcare center for failing to answer a series of questions including how long the rodent was in Alanah’s mouth.

I hear a lot of blaming and finger pointing but I don’t see anyone really giving fault to the true guilty party here: the baby. What kind of kid puts a dead mouse in their mouth? That’s just stupid. And if the baby is stupid, maybe this here is the mother’s fault for not placing her child in the appropriate stupid children daycare center that better suits her needs. Everybody’s so quick to blame the daycare center and the people watching the baby. Look: mice happen. They’ve been happening since before people existed. It’s Alanah Barba’s responsibility just like it is for all of us to educate and prepare our children for a world filled with corruption, deceit, and dead crib-mice.

Have to admit that this daycare owner doesn’t seem the brightest, though. “We’ll DOUBLE the number of exterminations each month!” Great idea, guy. Babies around poison always beats babies around mice.


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