Living on McNuggets?

Daily Mail – A teenage girl who has eaten almost nothing else apart from chicken nuggets for 15 years has been warned by doctors that the junk food is killing her. Stacey Irvine, 17, has been hooked on the treats since her mother bought her some at a McDonald’s restaurant when she was two. Shocked doctors learned of her habit when the factory worker, from Castle Vale, Birmingham, collapsed and was taken to hospital after struggling to breathe. Miss Irvine, who has never eaten fruit or vegetables, had swollen veins in her tongue and was found to have anaemia.  Medics gave her a series of injections and started her on an urgent course of vitamins. But, despite being warned that she could die if she sticks to her nugget addiction, she still can’t resist the fast food. Miss Irvine, who prefers McDonald’s treats but also enjoys KFC’s, told The Sun: ‘I am starting to realise this is really bad for me.’ One of her favourite pastimes is sharing 20 nuggets and a portion of fries with her boyfriend.

You know people love to preach about all that “you only live once” mentality. “Life’s too short.” “Live life to the fullest.” Well you know who lives that life we all just talk about? Stacey Irvine, thats who. Lifes too short for fruit and vegetables. Fuck, life’s too short even for another item off the McDonalds menu. You like chicken mcnuggets? Then fuckin eat chicken mcnuggets for 15 years. You only got a limited amount of time on this planet and if you think Stacey Irvine is gonna spend it worry about “food groups” and “nutrition” then you’ve got another thing coming. And variety and experimentation are just for foodie snobs who can’t appreciate the deliciousness of a fried chicken nugget.

Not a bad looking broad for only living on chicken McNuggets.  I was expecting a disgusting, fat mess.  She looks semi-normal.  Ain’t too bad.

11 Responses to “Living on McNuggets?”

  1. Hunna Says:

    whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

  2. Shaniqua Says:

    I totally agree ^

  3. themadchuck Says:

    I wrote it … eat a dick.

    • Mark Donelly Says:

      Is that a way to treat a lady, Madchuck? I respected your as a human being. I adminreds your blogs.
      Now you’re going to pull this one? What kind of person are you?

      And yes, I don’t agree with eating McDonalds all your life. YOLO is a self-destructive motto.

  4. Hunna Says:

    na huhh hunny, I know you ain’t talkin ta ME this way!!! I finna slap you and teach ya how to write an article boy.

  5. Wilford Justice Says:

    I say wacka flocka flamez girl! ooooh she be eatin’ MickyDeeees all day bay bay! oooooh wackawacka wackaaaaaa wackaaa akakakakakaka wacka! Girl!!!!!
    and I know you did not just tell Hunna to do that!!!

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