Wardrobe Malfunction?

CelebsChristina Aguilera had a sickeningly embarrassing “wardrobe” malfunction while singing at Etta James’ funeral. The malfunction had nothing to do with what she had on. It was caused by what she had in–or didn’t have in–securely. The unspeakable malfunction occurred because her feminine protection product apparently failed her. Or to put it grossly and bluntly, her tampon or maxi pad leaked, and her period ran down her leg.

Listen I understand as women get older they gain weight. I understand that when you’re 32 you’re not gonna look the same as when you were 19. I get that after giving birth you may not ever return to the sexy little minx you once were. I realize that you can’t be a sex icon forever.

But is it too much to ask to make sure period blood isn’t streaming down your legs when you perform at funerals? At this point its officially impossible to defend you, Xtina. I mean its one thing when you’re just enormously fat. I can throw out the Maxim photoshoot in the pool with your ass sticking out of the inner tube to defend you. But this is a horse of a differently color. Menstruating all over some chick’s coffin? Not even the video for Dirty can save you from this one. Clean your shit up.

I guess for one last time, lets cue the music? Don’t know if it even works anymore


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