Crazy Broads?

DMTwo sisters are facing up to 25 years in jail after allegedly sexually torturing a teenager with a pair of pliers after he refused to have sex with one of them. Valerie Bartkey, 24, and Amanda Johnson, 17, are also accused of forcing their victim to drink their urine after holding him hostage. The 18-year-old victim told police in Wisconsin he had been tortured with a pair of pliers and threatened with a belt. Asked by police to rate the level of pain he had endured on a scale of one to ten he said it was a ten. The man said he was attacked when he refused to smoke marijuana with the sisters. His shoes were ripped off with one thrown into the toilet and the other soaked in the sink. The women then brought the man a drink and told him it was lemonade. When he sipped the liquid he discovered that it was urine, provided by one of the sisters. According to an arrest report Bartkey said she wanted to have sex and demanded the teen get undressed. When he refused the sisters forced him to remove his clothing and clamped a pair of pliers on his penis. One sister twisted the pliers while the other threatened him with a belt.

You fell for the pee pee/lemonade trick? Bro that’s literally the oldest trick in the book. Look it up. “The Ol’ Switcheroo” is the first thing in there, with the pee pee/lemonade switch example just beating out giving your date the drink with the roofies.  Seriously, who falls for that?

Here’s my advice for this guy so he can avoid getting his dick clamped with pliers and drinking pee pee — fuck the girls next time.  Just smoke the pot and bang one of those chicks.  Not that hard.  Or, if you’re THAT afraid of pussy, just punch one and bounce.  God gave us superior strength, and while I’m not saying the reason for this is so we could abuse women, sometimes it comes in handy.  Like when two sisters are twisting your cock with a pair of pliers.  Quick jab to the fat one’s face, right cross to Eyebrows’ jaw, grab your shoes out the toilet and peace out.


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