Raptors Jerseys?

Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason, in 1995 while warming up to play against the Toronto Raptors in one of their first games [This is according to Tynan Grierson, who was working on the court at the time]:

Oakley can’t stop himself barking profanities at the Raptor players across the floor; “Those jerseys come with cum stains on ‘em? Cause they’re the gayest f–ing things I’ve ever seen.” This in contrast to Anthony Mason’s muttering; “Dinosaurs, brotha? If I was you, I’d f—in’ kill myself.”

No way you could win a game after having that said to you.  Check and mate.  Ugliest fucking jerseys ever if you ask me.

This quote makes me wish there were still dudes as rugged as Oakley still left in the league. I thought Kendrick Perkins was one, but…yeah we all saw what happened to him.


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