$68 Condoms?

The SunIn a contraceptive development that could see condoms move from being sold in pub toilets to your local’s car park from a ‘bloke in the know’, Louis Vuitton-inspired love hats have been unveiled. And luckily for the designer-inhaling likes of the TOWIE brigade, they’re not officially endorsed by the French fashion house – meaning the fake prophylactics are about as authentic as they can get while getting it on. Artist Irakli Kiziria is behind the knock-off anti-knocking up devices – although at $68 a throw, you may as well as consider bringing up a child anyway, financially speaking. Hopefully, fashion-conscious lovers will be able to spot a fake when they see one. Coming in brown packaging very similar to the brand’s instantly recognisable look, the sheaths are not expected to be available in stores any time soon

You know how everyone loves that quote from the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World? Well thats how I feel about these right here.

I don’t ever wear condoms. But if I did, I’d wear Louis Vuitton rubbers.

Although at 68 bucks a pop you can bet your ass I’m reusing them. Just roll that shit back down and tuck it back in and get out my Elmers glue and reseal that Louis wrapper. Personally I’d prefer a Lacoste condom anyway. Having a big alligator on my dick would give me the sexual confidence of a lion.

In all seriousness, who would wear such a thing?  Rappers?  NBA Players?  Oh, wait.  My bad, they don’t wear condoms.


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