Bogus Beggar?

Gothamist – Inside Edition went to 5th Avenue (“the Avenue of Avenues,” as they put it), to find a female entrepreneur who is pulling herself up by the bootstraps crutches with a begging scam that will probably ruin the reputation of the genuinely infirm. As “sad” and “pathetic” as the woman appears hunched over on her crutches, Inside Edition follows the beggar after her “shift” and finds that she exits a waiting minivan, completely healed. “Why, it’s a miracle,” the anchor crows. Indeed, a miracle of capitalism.

While this is absolutely one of the grimiest moves out there, you can’t knock this chick’s hustle. Like most of these derelicts just sit there with a cardboard sign jingling their coffee cup full of change. This bitch hobbles around bent over balancing on crutches like some sort of circus act. That shit is hard! She’s earning that money. Her arms are probably on fire all day and one day she’ll probably need back surgery. She deserves a pair of Uggs and a cell phone and a nice bubble jacket for her efforts.

Personally I love these shiesters because it gives me a reason to never ever give money to any bums. I can always just be like “Well if that bitch on crutches is faking it then this guy probably is also.” Never give any money to any of them. One bad apple ruins the bunch.

PS – Except the homeless people with dogs. I always give them money. Wish I could give the dollar directly to the homeless dog but whatever I still cave in regardless.


One Response to “Bogus Beggar?”

  1. psychowatcher Says:

    We have gutterpunks here, ‘homeless tweens” with facial tattoos and they all have dogs. (Cops are less likely to lock them up if they have a dog with them). I’ll actually give them a can of dog food with a pop top but never money. (They hang by stores)
    I have had a few get pissy about me feeding the dog but not them.

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