A New Disease?

DMAlanna suffers from Klein-Levin Syndrome (KLS), a sleep disorder that means she can fall into a trance without warning, sleep for 18 hours at a time and throw terrifying tantrums. The episodes, which see Alanna spend weeks in a zombie-like state, cause her to act entirely out of character. Her behaviour becomes erratic and unpredictable. Usually a polite, healthy, clean-living girl, Alanna becomes rude and argumentative. Healthy eating goes out of the window as she gorges on junk food. After one three-week episode where she ate a constant stream of pizzas, chocolate, crisps and ice cream, Alanna gained a stone. Most disturbing of all, Alanna has been known to engage in promiscuous behaviour while in an episode. But when she emerges from the trance, she has no memory of the disturbing events that have passed. At the age of 15, she lost her virginity with her boyfriend of six months, something she says she would never have done if she had not been in a trance. Her boyfriend did not understand the condition and dumped her soon afterwards. At parties, Alanna says she behave in a sexual manner without knowing what she was doing. ‘Boys thought I was drunk,’ she admits in an interview with Closer magazine. ‘Everything would go blurry and I was promiscuous. afterwards I had no memory but friends would tell me what had happened. I was so embarrassed.

It’s amazing how people like Alanna fool their parents and doctors into believing this stuff. Three-week trance? C’mon. Nothing lasts for three weeks. If you wanna eat Haagen Daas and a whole box of Cookie Crisp then bang a bunch of strangers then eat the shitty food and bang some strangers. Don’t blame it on your rare condition that turns you into a “zombie” and forces you to do those things. Because then you just sound ridiculous.

How does someone even prove they have this disease? Do I just gotta sleep for 18 straight hours and power through a large Papa John’s solo? Maybe try to suck some strangers tit? Cause I can do that shit right now.

And good for the boyfriend for throwing up the deuces . I don’t care how many sleep-beej’s she’s giving up, no man should have to deal with his girl gaining 14 pounds in a few weeks and trying to give everybody at the party a handy. Diseased or not


One Response to “A New Disease?”

  1. psychowatcher Says:

    I normally just call those zombies crackheads.

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