Da Coke Fiend?


MADEIRAShe went to a Valentine’s Day event at her child’s elementary school Tuesday and ended up arrested on drug charges after school staff heard her making “snorting” sounds inside a restroom stall, a police news release says. Emily C. Rosenberger, 31, was charged with three counts of possession of drugs as well as a count of possessing drug paraphernalia. Staff members told police that they heard the snorting sounds coming from a restroom stall, then saw Rosenberger leave the restroom and behave in a manner that suggested she was high or intoxicated, the release said. Police said they found Rosenberger in possession of hydrocodone, Oxycontin and “white powder believed to be cocaine.”

Listen I know I’m prone to exaggeration, but I’m being 100% truthful with what I’m about to say.   If  you showed me this lady’s mugshut and asked me what she got arrested for I would have definitely guessed she was snorting coke loudly at her daughters Valentine’s Day event. Not even a question in my mind.  She just has that look about her doesn’t she? Might as well have it stamped on her forehead. “I SNORT COKE LOUDLY  AND AM PROUD OF IT!”


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