Death at a Fashion Show?


Dailymail – The world of fashion is in mourning after Zelda Kaplan, 95, died after fainting in her front-row seat at a fashion show yesterday. Ms Kaplan was known for taking the nocturnal nature of the city to heart, and was regularly seen closing down popular nightclubs like Bungalow 8 with socialites nearly a quarter her age. She was instantly recognizable with her trademark oversized glasses, distinctive bold prints and ever-present matching hat. ‘She flopped over in my lap. The show was just starting. I thought she fainted.’ In a 2010 interview with New York magazine, she said that her bedtime was ‘anytime between midnight and 7am’. Her life was a colourful one at the very least.’I was a successful ballroom dancer and women’s golf pro in Miami Beach in my 20s, a doctor’s wife in New York in my 30s — and in my 60s and 70s I spent my time largely in Africa and Southeast Asia campaigning directly with local tribal government leaders for women’s and children’s rights,’ she told the magazine.

Now this is how you fucking do it! This is how you die! Fucking big time power move here. Front fucking row of a fashion show just dying right in people’s grillmix. I’m telling you this is how you stay relevant. This is you get into the gossip pages. Like you think any of the young trashy socialites nowadays and wannabe divas would have the stones to pull this off? No chance. Because this is what kids don’t get these days. Sometimes it’s just as much about the sizzle as it is the steak. It’s about putting on a show. It’s about being unique.  It’s about leaving em crying in the aisles and begging for more.  Zelda knew it and owned it right till the closing curtain. So much death swag I can’t even stand it. I can’ t wait to see what she does for an encore.


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